LN Transport specialise in holding tanks and pumps across a range of sectors. Where a holding tank is required, we will have the tank for you.

We can provide a range of wastewater tankers up to a maximum size of 2.5m wide x 3m high x 9m long. So, no matter how big the job is, LN Transport will have a Holding Tank fit for purpose.

We can deliver and offload the tank to save you time and help the job run as smoothly as possible. All our waste tanks are delivered on a hook lift.

If the job at hand requires a holding tank that can store and carry chemicals, our tankers can also be steel lined to make them suitable for this.

If your project demands increase during the job, our experts will then assess your new requirements and integrate the appropriate equipment to keep the job running.

Our tanks provide flexible liquid containment capacity for both small and large projects.

At LN Transport, our experienced staff can assist you with your request and help recommend the right tanker for your requirements. 7 days a week and 365 days a year, LN Transport are the solution for all Holding Tank requirements. For more information, please call 07795 356249 / 07917 646910.